Bold New Hues: Transitioning from Blonde to Brown Without the Green Tinge

Cami shares her top tips for transitioning from blonde to rich brown hair flawlessly, ensuring a natural look without any green mishaps.
person with fiery red to blonde ombre hair against dark background

Hello, beauty enthusiasts! It’s Cami here, delving into the color-filled world of hair transformation. Are you considering taking your blonde tresses to a richer shade of brown? Before you embark on this color journey, it’s crucial to navigate the change without unexpected surprises like unwanted green tones. Here’s my personalized guide to achieving that gorgeous brown without a hint of green.

Pre-Dye with a Copper Base: The Art of Filling Blonde Hair

Blonde hair, devoid of red undertones, often rebels against brown dye. The result? A peculiar ashy tone or, worse, a green tint. This usually occurs when shifting more than two shades deeper. The solution? ‘Filling’ your hair.

vesuviius red hair color

Imagine prepping a canvas before painting; ‘filling’ is just like priming your hair with a warm undercoat. Opt for copper-red tones; think Vesuvius Red or cozy golden hues. This step replenishes the red pigments, allowing the brown dye to reveal its true colors on your hair.

Choose Warmer Browns to Keep It Natural

Your second route to brown without the green is selecting a warmer brown dye. This approach wards off an unnatural finish, ensuring a seamless transition. Remember, the deeper the brown, the more it may deviate from the color shown on the dye box—especially if you’re venturing more than two shades darker.

Turning Black Hair to a Luminous Brown

Now, let’s chat about darkening light locks. Coloring natural, untouched black hair to a dark brown is straightforward. However, lightening black hair by more than two shades could lead to unwanted warmth or insufficient lifting. In these instances, consider subtle highlights rather than an all-over color, as these use bleach to achieve the desired lift.

For hair already treated with black dye, you’ll face the principle that color can’t lift color. Lightening will require some patience.

mardison reed prime for perfection hair product

To ease the process without using bleach, products like Madison Reed’s Prime for Perfection are your allies. They’ll gently fade your current color, preparing your hair for a lighter shade.

Lightening Red Hair to a Luxurious Brown

Transitioning from red to brown hair requires some finesse to avoid unwelcome hues or damage. When you’re working from a red base, it’s all about neutralizing that fiery pigment. Ash or neutral brown shades are your best friends here.

Similar to shifting from blonde to brown, you might prefer color in stages. It’s easier to darken hair incrementally than to correct an overly dark dye job.

blonde to brown hair

Once you’ve achieved your dream brunette shade, maintenance is vital. Products like Color Reviving Gloss in Espresso or Color Therapy Color Depositing Mask in Cafe will keep your new brown vibrant and reduce the chances of it fading back to red.

Remember, whether you’re adding subtle highlights to black hair or shifting from red to a cool brown, it’s all about taking those steps carefully and using the right products. Your hair is your crowning glory, and with some know-how, you can transition to any shade flawlessly.

For personalized advice on making these hair color transformations or to maintain that stunning new shade of brown, feel free to reach out. Let’s ensure your hair color journey is as beautiful and successful as you envision it to be!

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